Why We’re Different

Green Business Law From an Experienced Minneapolis Business Attorney

Focus on eco-green legal issues

Green business law firm EcoBizLaw LLC in Minneapolis is focused on small business success and sustainable ecology.  We value your success because we believe it leads to community success.

Why we’re different

As you may have guessed, EcoBizLaw isn’t your average small business law firm.  We’re nimble, not bureaucratic.  We offer a high level of expertise at low overhead rates.  And, we’re passionate about achieving results that matter — for your business, for the environment, and for the community.

Key competitive advantages

  • Small business focus - Smart, solid transactions are fundamental to business success. As a business client, you’ll benefit from EcoBizLaw’s extensive experience tailoring transactions to fit business objectives.
  • Results matter – EcoBizLaw offers creative, affordable legal services to help small businesses achieve sustainable results. Scott Moen, owner and principal attorney, offers a strong track record of earning clients’ trust based on clear engagement, open communication, accessibility, responsiveness and excellent results.
  • Reasonable fees are important – EcoBizLaw provides high level expertise at low overhead rates. You only pay for services that benefit you; not for overhead that doesn’t add value. And that means lower fees.
  • Fast response is imperative – EcoBizLaw is nimble because there is no bureaucracy. You get an experienced, independent advisor with a single-minded focus on your business.
  • Green business law focused – we want our clients to succeed. But not at the expense of the environment or the community. We believe in a Win-Win scenario for our clients.

Scott Moen and EcoBizLaw focus on legal assistance with experience for Minnesota small businesses, corporations and organizations.Key benefits

EcoBizLaw offers you a number of key benefits including a:

  • High level of business transactions expertise
  • Sustainable business results
  • Strong track record of success
  • Open communication
  • Accessibility
  • Reasonable fees
  • Fast response
  • Paperless office
  • Network of attorneys and other business professionals
  • Access to business knowledge
  • Strong knowledge of green business law



*Disclaimer – this web site does not provide legal advice. The firm only provides legal advice based on engagement.